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doont let me go, hold me close to where you go

ok, wow, candle tea is over. its like you wait for something for a year, it happens, then its over in a flash, and you turn around, and its like "what happened, whered it go?" all i can say about it is WOW I AM SO FREAKING TIRED AND I CANT MOVE NOW. but its all good.

friday i went at 530pm, we had no power at home all afternoon so it was nice to go to church, but haha, my parents and sisters stayed home :p i kinda wandered aimlessly for a little bit til somebody told me to go help charolotte sell chicken pies...see, the deal at our church is if youre a member and you stay long enough, and theres work to be done, you can bet you'll be put to work. but of course the whole reason i went to begin with is to work. so charlotte had me bookeeping and then leah came so we all worked and we were very bored because the people came in spurts and so me and leah took the tour and talked to brandon and britney and lots of other people and took coffee and lemonade and sugarbread to the other workers (cause we're nice)... then we hung out with jeremiah cause jeremiah's the best. i got home at 930pm and went directly to bed.

i got up at 850am this morning and got to church at 930--i helped sale crafts today. it was boring. i didnt really have much to do so i kinda wandered off a few times and went downstairs to check things out and stuff. then i talked with jeremiah and leah again and then at 3pm we all cleaned up--AND WE WERE FINISHED BY 4PM! its like a freaking miracle- because there was TON of stuff to be done and put away. THEN we had youth lovefeast practice (i think that's going to be a mess) and finally got to go home around 530.

by then i couldnt hardly move and i was so tired and hungry. but its all good because when i came home we had CHICKEN PIE for dinner, i love chicken pie like no other, especially moravian chicken pie. its very good.

so now im dead tired and i have to be at church at 930 in the morning for sunday school, me and brad are meeting with pastor don at 1030 to go over our advent liturgy and then church and then back at church at 530 for the youth lovefeast and i'll be able to talk to misty

*whew* im tired and i need to do some hw. :-/

love me
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