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i said i wasnt going to update this often anymore but im bored and quite lazy

I LEAVE FOR CAMP TOMORROW! you have like no idea how much this is needed and its going to be so nice.

pawpaw calebs doing better. hes got fluid in his lungs and they think hes getting pneumonia though :( and mawmaws really sick. im worried.

me and megan and chloe went to eat supper with memaw and tonight. we went to the cafeteria. it was nice. we dropped memaw off at home because she was expecting sharon to come and pepaw drove us home. we had to stop and get gas and then he told me to drive home :) haha he said i did very good and he was impressed. when we got home sharon was at our house.

sharon lost her job today :(

man i went driving today... to staples to get my supplies for key club tomorrow. megan went with me and we ended up just driving around a bit and going to mcdonalds (shh dont tell). it was quite fun.

im so tired. i think its bed time.
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