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"ive had enough."

i havent written in a couple days because i didnt wanna have to think about it, so therefore, i didnt.

i'll just tell you about the weekend and spare you the rest.

yesterday i slept til 1230 then, got up, showered, etc. and me and megan went to eckards to drop off a perscription and then to memaws. then i was extremely bored but finally BOBBY AND DONNA came over for about 2 hours so its all good. then i go to bed.

i get up this morning and get ready and go to sunday school by myself (!!) and its coffee sunday. so, i get some sugar bread and who of all people come over to talk to me? MS MARSHA! do you know how long its been since we've got to have a real conversation? a really long time. so we talk for awhile. ahaha we talked about school and about driving and stuff. then i talk to susan w for a second and tell her i got my liscense and she goes "well i think ill head out now before you leave" LOL everybody gives me a hard time about it. so then i talk with leah and erin.

then we go to sunday school and then church. haha i sat by myself cause daddy had to work.

OH MAN (!!) after sunday school, i talked to ALISHA!!! i havent talked to her since.... feb. or march! ahaha she rules. she said shes going to pray about chem.

church was nice, i talked to marsha as i walked out to the car. we always have really nice little chats.

so then i drive home. this afternoon me and megan went driving a little, on a mission to find a newspaper.

so then i go to youth group tonight. it was really nice. leah came so we talekd a bit. we had dinner, then worship. as we were leaving the fellowship hall to go to the sanc courntey (courtney is ms marshas daughter) comes over and whispers 'did i see you driving alone tonight' and i go 'yeah i got my license wed.' and she goes 'oh dear' lol it was funny.

my back hurts and i dont feel good.
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