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beauty queen from mars' Journal

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23rd March 2003

Current Mood: peaceful

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23rd January 2003

10:36am: aaaahhhhahahahahahahahaah

(probably no school tomorrow too, we got like 3" and there may be more snow sunday!! we may NEVER HAVE SCHOOL AGAIN!)

i just got off the phone with rhonda too, she makes me feel good.
Current Mood: okay

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8th January 2003

8:34pm: wooo woo woo
things are still good. still like school a lot. all my classes are still great. im VERY happy. its nuts

BUT i am *really* tired. lol. guess that comes with the territory.

you wouldnt believe how fast classes go by now.

I PASSED MY CHEM FINAL!!! i deserve a cookie. i dont know what i made, but some one from our class said they went to talk to tippet and he say nobody failed! now if thats not a miracle i dont know what is!

anybody read the The Tao of Pooh? I think im going to so i can get a head start in my 'world language class.
Current Mood: tired

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19th December 2002

8:45pm: o come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphful, o come ye, o come ye to Bethleham
i have my CHEM FINALL ON *TOMMORROW MORNING* im scared to death. but i do kinda have a better feeling about it. oh well, im just thinking about it this way: at 10:40 tomorrow morning i'll be done with chem!


am i a little too enthusiastic about being rid of that class?
Current Mood: hopeful

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15th December 2002

5:13pm: hahahahahahahah
this one fact makes me very happy:

i talked to jeremiah today. hes nuts. thats why i love him. and i love him because he always stands with his arm around me. him and brandon are hilarious. hahaha its always great fun.

im about to go to the youth group Christmas party at morgan's! yay! i love our youth group parties.
Current Mood: anxious

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12th December 2002

8:42pm: i hear that voice in my head saying 'here we go again'
haha ive rediscovered my everclear cd. i havent listened to it in over a year and all of a sudden i found one of the songs stuck in my head today, so here it is, in the cd player.

oh man, im totally freaked out. i have my chem final in 1 week from tomorrow and im scared to death. i swear, it'll be a total miracle from God if i pass. i hope i do. oh how i hope i do. i hate chem like i hate satan. they rank at the bottom of the list right together, tied for last place. maybe thats a little extreme, but pretty close. errgh.

and my algebra 2 finals the same freaking day. i think i'll do ok on that. most of its not too hard, its just being able to remember a few formulas, but im not *too* worried about that one.

what am i going to do? help me.

and my back hurts really really REALLY bad still. and its wierd because my elbows have been hurting too, and my knee. it sucks, let me tell you.

what else...

wow, i actually will be able to rest this weekend. all i have to do is finish a lab report, and church sunday. the youth group Christmas party is sunday night at morgan's, im actually looking forward to that. im not a party person, and i normally avoid parties at all costs, but youth group parties are always fun =)

tomorrows friday!

oh man oh man oh man im turning in my chem hn paper tomorrow! i'll be so glad to get that thing away from me, you have no clue.
Current Mood: scared

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11th December 2002

7:12pm: wow!
im done with my chem paper! wow, that makes me so happy.

my back hurts like freaking crap. still.

im scared to death because my chem and algebra 2 finals are in 1 week. help.

i have a chem test tomorrow and im off to study as im bored and have nothing to do at the moment. its really sad when you study for pure entertainment.

Christmas is in 2 weeks. WOO HOO! and the best present im getting this year is being done with chem, let me tell you!
Current Mood: contemplative

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7th December 2002

7:25pm: doont let me go, hold me close to where you go
ok, wow, candle tea is over. its like you wait for something for a year, it happens, then its over in a flash, and you turn around, and its like "what happened, whered it go?" all i can say about it is WOW I AM SO FREAKING TIRED AND I CANT MOVE NOW. but its all good.

friday i went at 530pm, we had no power at home all afternoon so it was nice to go to church, but haha, my parents and sisters stayed home :p i kinda wandered aimlessly for a little bit til somebody told me to go help charolotte sell chicken pies...see, the deal at our church is if youre a member and you stay long enough, and theres work to be done, you can bet you'll be put to work. but of course the whole reason i went to begin with is to work. so charlotte had me bookeeping and then leah came so we all worked and we were very bored because the people came in spurts and so me and leah took the tour and talked to brandon and britney and lots of other people and took coffee and lemonade and sugarbread to the other workers (cause we're nice)... then we hung out with jeremiah cause jeremiah's the best. i got home at 930pm and went directly to bed.

i got up at 850am this morning and got to church at 930--i helped sale crafts today. it was boring. i didnt really have much to do so i kinda wandered off a few times and went downstairs to check things out and stuff. then i talked with jeremiah and leah again and then at 3pm we all cleaned up--AND WE WERE FINISHED BY 4PM! its like a freaking miracle- because there was TON of stuff to be done and put away. THEN we had youth lovefeast practice (i think that's going to be a mess) and finally got to go home around 530.

by then i couldnt hardly move and i was so tired and hungry. but its all good because when i came home we had CHICKEN PIE for dinner, i love chicken pie like no other, especially moravian chicken pie. its very good.

so now im dead tired and i have to be at church at 930 in the morning for sunday school, me and brad are meeting with pastor don at 1030 to go over our advent liturgy and then church and then back at church at 530 for the youth lovefeast and i'll be able to talk to misty

*whew* im tired and i need to do some hw. :-/

love me
Current Mood: exhausted

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4th December 2002

9:44pm: omg im going to cry
im talking to misty. i havent talked to her in a month. and ive missed her more than i realized. i was right, she was having a bad time, but shes back now and shes ok. *whew* we'll all be ok.
Current Mood: relieved

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1:32pm: winter storm warning--woohoo!!

no school today! we'll probably be out tomorrow too because we're supposed to get like over an inch of ice and about 3 inches of snow! woohoo! im such a kid lol.

although this will screw me over majorly with my eoct and finals tutoring and preparation, etc, ill deal with those roadblocks when their thrown in my face right now i'll enjoy the snow and write Christmas cards! :)
Current Mood: enthralled

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2nd December 2002

7:42pm: http://www.weather.com/weather/alerts/?alertId=7935&dbSeq=null
Wed,Dec 04:
Wintry Mix
High: 34°F
Low: 32°F
Chance of Precip: 70 %

Thu, Dec 05
AM Ice
High: 45°F
Low: 27°F
Chance Precip: 60 %

Current Mood: hopeful

(enlighten me)

6:18pm: i just got an email from susan, scary, im going to read it.
woohoo i love emails from susan. i miss the old ones though. they were even better.

my back STILL hurts. and im tired.

CANDLE TEA IS THIS WEEKEND! i can hardly contain myself. AND the youth lovefeast is sunday night. all the excitement is more than i can hardly bear :)

only 3 more freaking weeks of chem and now apparently i may have to retake it as theres not way i can pull a 50 up to a 80. nice way to start the holidays, huh.

i went to the elders meeting last night. i learned a lot and i think i shall love it, though i do have my work cut out for me.



OH YES it was sleeting this afternoon. right after the words left my mouth telling mawmaw it was going to snow :) hahaha that was great. we may get 1/2" of ice wednesday! ahahahhahahaahahaha


im bored. i have so much crap to do. and id like to talk with pastor don before Christmas but i cant really see that happening as im in over my head. oh well.

daniel walked with me to chem today! daniel's such a nice guy.

wooohooo the Christmas season is upon us!

last night was hilarious. it was kinda sad, but i mean, it you just sat back and watched and listened, it was great.
Current Mood: weird

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30th November 2002

1:08pm: we're being thrown head first into the Christmas season. yay!
thanksgiving went over like a ton of bricks, but oh well. it did go better than i thought. michael was a demon and it was babysitting deja vu

took mawmaw to the thanksgiving eve lovefeast wed night at church. that was good. i talked to alisha afterwards. pastor don gave me a big hug and told me hed see me sunday night.

so, yesterday i slept til noon and got up to have pumpkin pie for breakfast. i didnt do anything yesterday.

today: im about to take megan to kimmys, then going to hallmark and the post office. then i have homework and i need to clean my room.

tomorrow: sunday school and church, then youth and elder's meeting tomorrow night. i hope jasons at youth

BOBBY AND DONNA ARE GETTING MARRIED THE SATURDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS! YAY! AND THEY WILL BE ABLE TO SPEND CHRISTMAS WITH US! do you have any idea how long its been since bobby's spent Christmas with us!
Current Mood: okay

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29th November 2002

12:54pm: wooohooo
you know its the day after thanksgiving when you wake up at noon and have pumpkin pie for breakfast! lol.
Current Mood: full

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17th November 2002

8:39pm: an update of the boredom
...ive told 2 people about my depression in the last week or less. its scary. i think im telling more people because then i dont have to try to hide it as hard and therefore i dont waste the little energy i have. thats my theory. good one huh?
i told alisha on thursday night after small group. shes joined up for thursday nights. shes great. she made me promise her that if i needed anything that id call her, 24-7, or if she wasnt there to make her husband get off the computer and talk to him. ive known alisha forever, its just that i havent see her much inbetween the time she taught me sunday school (which was a short time) and the past year.
then tonight i told jason. he had no idea. he said hed sure pray for me this week and if i needed to talk to call him or michael, theyd be happy to talk to me, and do whatever they could to help.
thats my story and im sticking to it.

ahahaha i had SO much fun tonight at youth. went for the lovefeast. it was nice and since i didnt have time to go home between the time it was over and youth i stayed. talked with jeremiah! i havent talked to him in weeks.we have great chats. hes so sweet. ahaha we talked with brandon. lol that was great. then he had to leave. talked to brad. i love brad. we had dinner, then we wrapped candles. didnt stay for choir. im done with that, i think. then we went downstairs and congregated in the hallway. then leah, jason, michael, carlton, jennifer and i congregate in the office. then we head out. jason asked if i was driving, and i told him i got my liscense 2-3 weeks ago and he goes, "where are you parked? which way are you going out?" i tell him. he goes "oh dear... ok, heres the plan: you give me 10 minutes to get home, the you can leave so we wont be on the road at the same time!" LOL everybody tells me that. then we walk out, i talk with jason, leave, and here i am.

anyway, i feel good now. my back only hurts a little and even though i have a headache, its all good.

worship committee meeting tomorrow! yay!

youth lovefeast in 2 weeks and i have to come up w/a call to worship, i have something but i have to see if its acceptable w/pastor don and rhonda. ill stop by there tomorrow on my way to the meeting or either thursday... or maybe even sunday! who knows!

im worried to death about cheryl. i hope shes going to be ok.
Current Mood: okay

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12th November 2002

9:14pm: if you wanna know about the retreat ask me. i dont wanna type it out. BUT i will tell you i was awaken to things i didnt want to think about but had to face.

and brad called me tonight. how i love brad. we talked for about 2 minutes. i had hw and im sure he did too. i cant wait til thursday. we always have great fun. i forgot to ask him if we're still meeting at the same time. ill call him tomorrow.

man you dont know what id give to go and be able to sit and talk with pastor don. i think pastor don would be able to help me resolve somethings and it would be of great benefit. maybe i shall check with him thurs night if he's there.

my back still hurts like freaking crap and now so does my neck and shoulder.

maris and i had a really nice talk today. weve established the grounds that we'll always be there for one another.
Current Mood: sore

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11th November 2002

5:38pm: just to live inside my heart
all i can say is the retreat was awesome and last nights church council meeting was interesting. i may post the specifics later if i finish my newsletter for the church. AND i finally got my huge hug from pastor do to make up for the past month. he rules.
Current Mood: sore

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7th November 2002

9:01pm: i said i wasnt going to update this often anymore but im bored and quite lazy
I LEAVE FOR CAMP TOMORROW! you have like no idea how much this is needed and its going to be so nice.

pawpaw calebs doing better. hes got fluid in his lungs and they think hes getting pneumonia though :( and mawmaws really sick. im worried.

me and megan and chloe went to eat supper with memaw and tonight. we went to the cafeteria. it was nice. we dropped memaw off at home because she was expecting sharon to come and pepaw drove us home. we had to stop and get gas and then he told me to drive home :) haha he said i did very good and he was impressed. when we got home sharon was at our house.

sharon lost her job today :(

man i went driving today... to staples to get my supplies for key club tomorrow. megan went with me and we ended up just driving around a bit and going to mcdonalds (shh dont tell). it was quite fun.

im so tired. i think its bed time.
Current Mood: sore

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3:14pm: pawpaw calebs really sick. moma had to take him to the dr. i hope hes ok :( and whys everybody around me so sick?
Current Mood: worried

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5th November 2002

8:19pm: just for the fun of it.... stolen from callie
Start time: 8:21 pm
[1]First Name: Leigh Anne
[2]Middle Name: i have no middle name
[3]Last Name: haha
[4]Nick Name[s]: lee, double e lee (megan's name to make fun of the way kimmy spells is LOL)
[5]Gender: female
[6]Age: 16
[7]Birthday: 10/03/86
[8]Height: 5'something
[9]Weight: honestly, i dont know LOL
[10]Hair: blonde
[11]Eye Color: blue
[12]Ethnicity: white
[13]Glasses: yep
[14]Contacts: yep
[15]Braces: nope
[16]Hair Short Or Long: short
[17]U Were Born Where: greensboro nc
[18]U Now Live: kville nc
[19]Astrology Sign: Libra
[21]Nationality: American
[22]Bad Habits: bite my fingernails
[23]Piercings: ears
[24]If Yes Where & How Many: one in each ear
[25]Tattoos: nope
[26]If Yes How Many & Where, If No Want Any: dont want one

[27]Mothers Name: jayne
[28]Fathers Name: tom
[29]Brothers Name[s]: n/a
[30]Sisters Name[s]: megan, chloe
[31]Favorite Aunt: hmm i dont know. sharon. and pam.
[33]Favorite Grandparent: ALL OF THEM!
[34]Worst Relative: worst? thats not the right word. no comment
[35]Best Relative: oooh! bobby! hes so much fun!
[36]Best Family Memory: they were all lies... but i liked playing baseball in mawmaw's yard with all my uncles and sisters and kimmy when we were little
[37]Do U Get Along With Your Parents: sometimes
[38]Do Your Parents Understand You: nope
[39]Does Anyone In Your Family Understand You: kinda

[40]Do You Have Any Pets: yep
[41]Name[s]: andy, frank
[42]Type Of Animal[s]: Dog, cat
[43]If You Dont Have A Pet Do You Want One: ---
[44]Have You Ever Had Any Other Pets Then Mentioned Up Above: several kittens and fish

[45]Are You Still In School: Yep
[46]Did You Drop Out: Nope
[47]Current/Supposive Grade: Sophomore in high school
[48]Favorite Grade: 8th grade was a fairly good year for me. last year was quite nice too though
[49]Worst Grade: 7th grade i think.
[50]Favorite Teacher: randall!!, kearns, schuck, foote, lagarde
[51]Worst Teacher: tippet
[52]Favorite Subject: right now- health lol. actually math i think
[54]Do/Did U Buy Lunch Or Bring Lunch: buy
[55]School Sports: none
[56]School Activities: key club!
[57]Popular Or What: nope. i have a few close friends and i like it that way
[58]Favorite Dance:
[59]Favorite Memory: hmm... i really dont know. the hilarious times at mawmaws when i was little with megan and kimmy and susan and them
[60]Worst Memory: i dont wanna talk about it right now.
[61]Worst Dance: ....
[62]Most Humiliating Moment: hmmm i dont know

[63]Number: any number that doesnt include atomic numbers, masses, etc, and is not 6.02x10^23
[64]Clothing Brand: i dont care.
[65]Shoes: i dont know
[66]Saying: hmmm i dont know
[67]TV Show: the wonder years (but it doesnt come on anymore :( ), roseanne
[68]Sport: baseball
[69]Vegetable: i dont know
[70]Fruit: oranges!
[71]Movie: the muse, french kiss, divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood....
[72]Magazine: hmm i dont know
[74]Actress: meg ryan
[75]Candy: skittles or resees
[76]Gum: spearmint
[77]Scent: moonlight path
[78]Candy Bar: mr goodbar
[79]Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate, chocolate chip
[80]Color: blue
[81]Season: fall and winter, or spring. take your choice
[82]Holiday: Christmas i think... wait. PALM SUNDAY is the best day of the WHOLE year because the church service is so beauitiful im almost in tears every year
[83]Band: dc talk, third day, the beatles, loads more--i wont get into it right now to save you the next week of your life
[84]Singer: i wont get into it right now to save you the next week of your life
[85]Group: uhh... look above?
[86]Type Of Music: Christian, country, some rock and a little pop
[87]Fast Song: i dont know
[88]Slow Song: hmmm i dont knpw
[89]Thing In Your Room: my desk
[90]Place To Be: church of course.its almost an addiction :o
[91]Radio Station: 104.1
[92]TV Channel: i dont know
[93]Junk Food: cookies...candy...chips... ahaha anything basically.
[94]Overall Food: hmmmmm
[95]Store: wal-mart, hallmark, THE BOOKSTORE
[96]Shoe Brand: i dont care
[97]Fast Food Place: wendys
[98]Restaurant: hmmmm i dont know
[99]Shape: circle
[100]Time Of Day: afternoon
[101]Country: usa
[102]State: nc
[103]Boys Name: ...dont know
[104]Girls Name: see above
[105]Mall: oak hollow or hanes
[106]Video Game: i have no idea
[107]Shampoo: neutragena (i cant spell it!)
[108]Board Game: Monopoly
[109]Computer Game: freecell!
[110] Favorite car: hmmmm i dont know
[111]Music Video: american child--phil vassar
[112]Swear Word: no comment. i dont like them. one little bit
[113]Word: hmmmmm
[114]Month: October
[115]Cartoon: Spongebob, hey arnold
[116]Song Of All Time: "I'll Be" -Edwin McCain
[117]Scary movie: 6th sense
[118]Team: i dont know
[119]Possesion: journal, Bible, notes along the way,

[.Whats The First Thing That Comes 2 Mind When You Hear...

[120]Eminem: no comment
[122]Hot: summer
[123]Britney Spears: megan and kimmy (they love her *rolls eyes*)
[124]Nsync: boy bands
[125]Real World: mtv
[126]Orange: go bobcats!
[127]Choice: decisions. argh. i cant make them.
[128]Fuck: michaels word.
[129]Bisexual: no comment
[130]Black: maris wheres black shirts quite a bit
[131]ICQ: im's
[132]Insane Clown Posse: ...
[133]Linkin Park: music
[134]Jack: pawpaw :(
[135]Rainbow: God's promise
[136]Cherry: ice cream!
[137]Cucumber: good!
[138]Shark: ocean
[139]Lifehouse: yay
[140]Bat: night
[141]Leather: jacket
[142]Whip: spanking
[143]America: home of the brave
[144]Water: h2o (gee thanks tippet)
[145]volcano: lava

[.This Or That.]:

[146]rock or rap: rock
[147]pop or rap: pop
[148]rap or r&b: r&b
[149]rock or metal: rock
[150]rock or pop: rock
[151]linkin park or limp bizkit: linkin park
[152]tool or korn: tool
[153]selena or Jennifer Lopez: neither
[154]hot or cold: cold
[155]winter or summer: winter
[156]spring or fall: both
[157]shakira or britney: shakira
[158]ICP or Eminem: neither
[159]Marilyn Manson Or Rob Zombie:neither
[160]Kittie or Garbage: neither
[161]mtv or vh1: vh1
[162]Buffy or Angel: neither
[163]Dawsons Creek Or Gilmore Girls: girlmore girls
[164]Football or Basketball: basketball
[165]summer olympics or winter olympics: winter
[166]skiing or snowboarding: snowboarding
[167]rollerblading or skateboarding: rollerblading
[168]black or white: black
[169]orange or red: orange
[170]yellow or green: green
[171]purple or pink: purple
[172]slipknot or mudvayne: neither
[173]hot topic or pac sun: either
[174]inside or outside: inside
[175]weed or alcohol: im not even going to answer this or ill go on a rant.
[176]cell phone or pager: cell phone
[177]pen or pencil: pen
[178]powerpuff girls or charlies angels: neither
[179]scooby doo or dino: neither
[180]dragon ball Z or pokemon: neither
[181]star wars or star trek: neither
[182]tattoo or piercing: piercings
[183]prep or punk: punk
[184]slut or whore: neither

[.Private Life I.E. Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll...]

[185]Boyfriend Or Girlfriend: nope
186]Crush: kinda
[187]Do You Love Anyone Right Now: maybe ;) ok... sure
[188]Have You Ever Been In Love: maybe
[189]How Many People Have You Kissed: none
[190]Who Was Your First Kiss: n/a
[191]Ever Have Oral Sex: nope
[192]Still A Virgin: of course!
[193]If Not How Many Times: n/a
[194]How Many Hearts Have You Broken: none that i know of
[195]How Many People Broke Your Heart: lots
[196]Best Quote To Sum Up Love: i have no idea
[197]So What's Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Crush Like: n/a
[198]What's Your Dream Guy/Girl Like: Christian, kind, considerate, etc
[199]Do U Go More By Looks Or Personality: personality
[201]Ever Kiss A Friend: nope
[202]Are You Still Friends: n/a
[203]So Moving Along... You Smoke: nope
[204]How About Some Weed: nope
[205] Have you ever tripped on acid: nope
[206]How About A Little xTc: nope
[207]Crack, Heroin, Anything Else: nope
[208]Beer Good Or Beer Bad: BAD!!
[210]Are U The Little Sissy Who Drinks Mikes And Whine Coolers: not even going to answer this
[211]Do U Like Smirnoff Ice: ...
[212]Prefer Beer Or Liquor: ...
213]So If You Smoke How Long U Been Killin Yourself Now: ...
[214]What Kind Do You Smoke: ...
[215]Could I Bum One: ...
[216]Back To Alcohol, Favoite Alcoholic Beverage: ....
[217]So If You Werent A Virgin... Whens The Last Time U Got Some: n/a

[Would You Ever]

[218]Bungee Jump: maybe
[219]Sky Dive: maybe
[220]Swim With Dolphins: maybe
[221]Scuba Dive: maybe
[222]Go Rock Climbing: maybe
[224]Eat Shit For 1,000,000 $: no
[225]Change Your Religion: no
[226]Turn Your Back On Your Friends For Personal Gain: no
[227]Steal A Friends Boyfriend/Girlfriend: nope
[228]Cross-Dress: for sum money: i doubt it
[229]Lie To The Police: nope
[230]Run From The Police: nope... whyd they be chasing me anyway?
[231]Speed Away From The Police: ^^
[232]Lie To Your Parents: i try not to... only when its absolutely necessary (like when i go to counselling with pastor don)
[233]Walk Up To A Total Stranger And Kiss Them: nope
[234]Be A Exotic Dancer: no
[235]Walk Out Of A Restraunt Without Paying: nope
[236]streak[run naked through somewhere for all u who dont know]:no.

[Your Friends]

[257]Best Friend: leah, jessi, misty,
[258]Known Longest: i have no idea
[259]Wish You Talked To More Then You Do: leah
[261]How Many Friends Do U Think You Have: hmmm
[262]How Many Do U Actualy Hang Out With: 1 or 2... not really even them. only when we get a chance at the church or something
[263]Who Drives You Insane After Awhile: i dont know
[265]Ever Lose A Good Friend Because You Took It To The Next Level: nope
[266]Craziest: elena (but thats why i like her!) and maris
[267]Loudest: amber lol
[268]Shyest: jessi
[269]Best Hair: i dont know
[270]Can Always Make You Laugh: maris, amber, jessi, misty, everybody in the youth group,
[271]Best Eyes: i dont know
[272]Best Body: i don't know
[273]Most Athletic: ...
[274]Sex Symbol: LOL kristina
[275]Hot Tempered: hmm not really any of them.
[276]Most Impatient: ...
[277]Shortest: kristina
[278]Tallest: i dont know
[279]Talented: all of them in their own ways!
[280]Best Singing Voice: maris
[281]Skinniest: kristina
[282]Nicest: All of them-- leah the most though. and jessi
[283]Best Personality: all of them
[284]Biggest Drug User: ...
[285]Alcoholic: ...

[Have You Ever]

[286]flashed someone: nope
[287]told the person you liked how u felt: nope
[288]been to michigan: nope
[289]gotten really REALLY wasted: nope
[290]gone to jail/juvi: nope
[291]skateboarded: nope
[292]skinny dipped: nope
[293]stolen anything from a store: nope
[294]wanted to kick my butt for making this so freaking long SO LONG: yes...
[295]pegged someone in the head with a snowball and they never knew it was you: nope. they always found out
[298]gotten into a bar under aged: nope
[299]kissed someone of the same sex: nope
[300]flipped someone off: nope
[301]gone on a road trip: kinda
[302]gone on vacation without adult supervision: if you count youth retreats-- out leaders dont act like adults LOL
[303]been to a concert: yes
[304]been to another country: nope
[305]talked back to an adult: yep
[306]got pulled over: nope
[307]into a car accident: nope
[308]broke a law: i dont think so... maybe speeding O:)
[309]given money to some homeless person: nope :(
[310]tried to kill yourself: ive wanted to
[311]cried to get out of trouble: yeah
[312]kissed a friends brother/sister: nope
[313]dropped something on the floor that u were cooking for dinner and still put it on the plate: lol nope

[314]What Do You Think About Boy Bands: ...
[315]What Do You Think About Flag Burning: cruel
[316]What Do You Think Of The War On Terrorists: i dont even know anymore.
[317]What Do You Think About Suicide: it's terrible :( but ill admit ive considered it
[318]What Do You Think About People Who Try To Force Their Opinions Upon You: its not nice
[319]What Do You Think About Abortion: Murder
[320]What Do You Think About Rock/Metal Music: its ok
[321]Where Do You Think You'll Be In 10 Years: hopefully outta college w/a job
[322]Who Do You Think You'll Still Be Friends With In 5 Years: i hope leah and jessi and all of them!
[323]What Do You Think About The Pop Music Scene? ....
[324} What Do You Think About The Store “Abercrombie And Fitch”: ...
[325]What Do You Think About Porn: its sick
[326]What Do Think About The Death Penalty: i don't know

[What Did You Do]
[327]Last Birthday: went to church and then out for ice cream with brad and rhonda :) it was the absolute best
[328]where’s the question? ?
[329]Last Weekend: my uncle came over for 2 hours and i went to church :)
[330]Christmas: went to church and then my grandparents
[331]Thanksgiving: went to my grandparents
[332]New Years Eve: went to church
[333]Halloween: took my sister trick or treating
[334]Easter: church and then went to my grandparents house
[335]Valentines Day: ...last year i was at church for Bible study

[Quotes] took this part out because i dont know that many quote off the top of my head

[The Last Thing]
[344]You Ate: pancakes and link sausage and eggs
[345]You Drank: diet pepsi
[346]You Took A Shower: about an hour and a half ago
[347]You Wore Out: jeans and fleece sweatshirt
[348]The Last Place You Went: school :/
[349]Last Thing You Bought: i have no idea
[350]Last Thing You Got Pierced/Tattooed: my ears
[351]Last Person You Saw: my sister
[352]Last Person You Kissed: ...
[353]Last Person You Fucked: ...
[354]Last Person You Talked To: i dont even know.
[355]Last Party You Went To: jessis surprise party. it was great fun
[356] ~ where's the question? ....
[357]Last Song You Heard: the ballad of john and yoko- the beatles

[358]So What Are You Eating: nothing
[359]Anything To Drink With That: nope
[360]Whatchya Wearin: pjs
[361]Any Shoes: nope
[362]Hair: down
[363]Listening To Anything: the beatles
[364]Talking To Anyone: nope
[365]Are You Pissed I Made This So Long: not really, i was bored

[Yes Or No]
[366]Are You A Vegitarian: nope
[367]Do You Like Cows: sure
[368]Am I A Bitch For Making This Damn Survey: no
[369]Are You Artisitc: not really
[370]Are You A Fast Runner: nope
[371]Can You Ski: no
[372]Are You British: nope but ahahaha i love british accents
[373]Do You Want To Spear Britney: ummm im not violent
[374]Do The Voices Talk To You And You Only: thats for me to know and you to wonder about
[375]Did You Ever Give Barbie A Free Haircut & Hairdye Special: of course... dont all little girls do that?
[376]Do You Think Disney Creators Were On Acid When They Made Alice In Wonderland: no i like that movie!
[377]Will The Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up: ...
[378]Are You Straight: yeah
[379]Are You 1/2 Stupid, 1/4 insane and another 1/4 physicaly handicapped: i guess so
[380]Are You Fat: i think so
[381]Are You Skinny and just say your fat: nope
[382]Are You Short: kinda
[383]Do You Own A Hot Pink Shirt: nope
[384]How About Orange Pants: haha i wish
[385]Can You See The Flying Monkeys: unfortunatley no
[386]Are You Evil: i dont think so
[387]Did You Ever Knew Someone Who Had A Mullet: i dont know
[388]Know Anyone Who Still Has One: i dont know
[389]Is Britney A whore: probably
[390]Are You A Teenage Zombie: maybe
[3911]Am I Annoying You Realy Bad With All This Nonsense: kinda
[392]Do You Like Marilyn Manson: nope
[393]If You Dont Like Manson You Know You Suck Right: sure whatever
[394]Are You Secretly From Another Planet: yep
[395]Did You Ever Touch Someone Elses No-No Spot: nope
[396]Do You Shop At Hot Topic: ive never been there :(
[397]Could You Kick My Ass: maybe

Random Questions]
If You Could Be Any Animal, What Animal Would You Be: i have no idea
Why Would You Be THAT Animal: ...

If You Had To Eat One Thing For The Rest Of Your Life What Would it Be: i dont know

Do You Remeber Any Of Your Dreams: yep

Do You Dream In Color Or Black And White: color

Do You Admit When You Need Help With A Problem: sometimes

Can People Read You Like A Book: they think they can

What's Your Biggest Fear: rejection

Do You Talk A lot: not really

[Are You Afraid Of Clowns: not really

Do You Like Spiders: no

How About Grape Kool-Aid Do You Like: yep

Can You Drive: yeah :)

Are You A Spoiled Rotton Only Child: nope

Are You Anti-Social: kinda

How About Dumb People: what about them?

Now What Are You Going To Go Do: go to bed

[End time] 9:23
Current Mood: tired

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8:14pm: the landslide will bring you down
i have inner peace again. and tise is in 3 days. ill be ok.

im so tired and just so you know i may not update this often anymore. i dont have the willpower.

BUT i will update on the important things and of course a few unimportant things when im bored. love to you all
Current Mood: okay

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3rd November 2002

8:14pm: "ive had enough."
i havent written in a couple days because i didnt wanna have to think about it, so therefore, i didnt.

i'll just tell you about the weekend and spare you the rest.

yesterday i slept til 1230 then, got up, showered, etc. and me and megan went to eckards to drop off a perscription and then to memaws. then i was extremely bored but finally BOBBY AND DONNA came over for about 2 hours so its all good. then i go to bed.

i get up this morning and get ready and go to sunday school by myself (!!) and its coffee sunday. so, i get some sugar bread and who of all people come over to talk to me? MS MARSHA! do you know how long its been since we've got to have a real conversation? a really long time. so we talk for awhile. ahaha we talked about school and about driving and stuff. then i talk to susan w for a second and tell her i got my liscense and she goes "well i think ill head out now before you leave" LOL everybody gives me a hard time about it. so then i talk with leah and erin.

then we go to sunday school and then church. haha i sat by myself cause daddy had to work.

OH MAN (!!) after sunday school, i talked to ALISHA!!! i havent talked to her since.... feb. or march! ahaha she rules. she said shes going to pray about chem.

church was nice, i talked to marsha as i walked out to the car. we always have really nice little chats.

so then i drive home. this afternoon me and megan went driving a little, on a mission to find a newspaper.

so then i go to youth group tonight. it was really nice. leah came so we talekd a bit. we had dinner, then worship. as we were leaving the fellowship hall to go to the sanc courntey (courtney is ms marshas daughter) comes over and whispers 'did i see you driving alone tonight' and i go 'yeah i got my license wed.' and she goes 'oh dear' lol it was funny.

my back hurts and i dont feel good.
Current Mood: sore

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30th October 2002

8:27pm: this isnt working for me anymore
im so tired. my back still hurts. my head hurts. and im pretty depressed too. i dont think anybody cares anymore.

im worried about mawmaw :( she doesnt sound good at all.

moma got me out around 130 today to go get my license, and that was before mrs dietrich dished out the hw so I HAD NO HW THIS AFTERNOON AND NO BLESSED LAB REPORTS EITHER!

but i got my license, 2 weeks late, finally, and thats the important thing. but the whole thing is, will my parents let me go anywhere? we'll see.

anyway im really depressed and im thinking about going on to bed.
Current Mood: depressed

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4:22pm: positive.
i got my drivers license today

woo hoo.
i dont feel good. and im bored. i think its bed time
Current Mood: blah

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29th October 2002

8:47pm: guide me in truth, for all my days
today went by fairly quickly. i know the afternoon did at least. we had a test in alg2 at 1245 and the next thing i knew it was 10 minutes til the final bell! but school was ok today. no one showed up in the cafeteria this morning for our usual deal, besides me and elena so me and elena talked and laughed for a minute.

we got a digital piano this afternoon! im so excited! woohoo!

im half expecting some one from the board of elders to call me to give me some information about it. im so excited!

and camp in 2 weeks. ahaha thats even better. haha the next 2 weeks will rule all.

my back still hurts :( really bad. actually everything hurts. my shoulders and my knnees and feet too. argh.

I HATE CHEMISTRY! i made a freaking 60 on the honors paper i wrote 3 weeks ago. and he says i have to redo it and i wasnt supposed to do the whole project, just the freaking paper. i cant stand him. and i had to write ANOTEHR lab report tonight.

im so tired. i have piano tomorrow.

and i cant stand the public anymore.
Current Mood: tired

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