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insomniac101's Journal

beauty queen from mars
im stark, raving mad, thats all you need to know
3eb, aliens, angels, anti-chemistry, anti-depressants, arthritis, beanie babies, bebo norman, being silly, better than ezra, bible study, blue, book stores, books, bowling, caffeine, candle tea, candy, cats, cds, child psycology, choir, christianity, christians, chronic pain, church, clouds, common grounds, country music, crying, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, dc talk, death, depression, dogs, drama, dreams, driving, e.t., eating disorders, edgar allen poe, emo, emotion, emotions, fall, family, feminism, friends, god, goo goo dolls, good excuses, hallmark, heaven, helping people, hey arnold, hiding, history, ice cream, insanity, insomnia, inspiration, internet, jesus, journaling, journals, jra, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, key club, kids, kmc, kmc kids, laughing, laurel ridge, laziness, life is good, listening, meditation, memories, mental health, michael w. smith, ministry, moravian, moravian church, moravian music, moravians, mountains, mp3s, music, oatmeal raisin cookies, ode to joy, old salem, pain, paranormal, patience, peace, piano, pop-ice popsicles, prayer, procrastination, providence, psychology, reading, religion, resting, revelation, roseanne, safety pins, salem college, sanity, self-help, self-injury, shakespeare, shopping, singing, sleep, sleeping, snow, spirituality, spongebob square pants, spring, stress, talks, tears, the beatles, the bible, the calling, the dave matthews band, the golden girls, the history channel, the moon, the twilight zone, the wonder years, third day, thoughts, ufos, vacation bible school, vbs, vertical horizon, wake forest university, walking, wfu, winter, worship, wow worship, writing, yoga, youth ensemble, zoloft