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i hear that voice in my head saying 'here we go again'

haha ive rediscovered my everclear cd. i havent listened to it in over a year and all of a sudden i found one of the songs stuck in my head today, so here it is, in the cd player.

oh man, im totally freaked out. i have my chem final in 1 week from tomorrow and im scared to death. i swear, it'll be a total miracle from God if i pass. i hope i do. oh how i hope i do. i hate chem like i hate satan. they rank at the bottom of the list right together, tied for last place. maybe thats a little extreme, but pretty close. errgh.

and my algebra 2 finals the same freaking day. i think i'll do ok on that. most of its not too hard, its just being able to remember a few formulas, but im not *too* worried about that one.

what am i going to do? help me.

and my back hurts really really REALLY bad still. and its wierd because my elbows have been hurting too, and my knee. it sucks, let me tell you.

what else...

wow, i actually will be able to rest this weekend. all i have to do is finish a lab report, and church sunday. the youth group Christmas party is sunday night at morgan's, im actually looking forward to that. im not a party person, and i normally avoid parties at all costs, but youth group parties are always fun =)

tomorrows friday!

oh man oh man oh man im turning in my chem hn paper tomorrow! i'll be so glad to get that thing away from me, you have no clue.
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