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i just got an email from susan, scary, im going to read it.

woohoo i love emails from susan. i miss the old ones though. they were even better.

my back STILL hurts. and im tired.

CANDLE TEA IS THIS WEEKEND! i can hardly contain myself. AND the youth lovefeast is sunday night. all the excitement is more than i can hardly bear :)

only 3 more freaking weeks of chem and now apparently i may have to retake it as theres not way i can pull a 50 up to a 80. nice way to start the holidays, huh.

i went to the elders meeting last night. i learned a lot and i think i shall love it, though i do have my work cut out for me.



OH YES it was sleeting this afternoon. right after the words left my mouth telling mawmaw it was going to snow :) hahaha that was great. we may get 1/2" of ice wednesday! ahahahhahahaahahaha


im bored. i have so much crap to do. and id like to talk with pastor don before Christmas but i cant really see that happening as im in over my head. oh well.

daniel walked with me to chem today! daniel's such a nice guy.

wooohooo the Christmas season is upon us!

last night was hilarious. it was kinda sad, but i mean, it you just sat back and watched and listened, it was great.
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