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an update of the boredom

...ive told 2 people about my depression in the last week or less. its scary. i think im telling more people because then i dont have to try to hide it as hard and therefore i dont waste the little energy i have. thats my theory. good one huh?
i told alisha on thursday night after small group. shes joined up for thursday nights. shes great. she made me promise her that if i needed anything that id call her, 24-7, or if she wasnt there to make her husband get off the computer and talk to him. ive known alisha forever, its just that i havent see her much inbetween the time she taught me sunday school (which was a short time) and the past year.
then tonight i told jason. he had no idea. he said hed sure pray for me this week and if i needed to talk to call him or michael, theyd be happy to talk to me, and do whatever they could to help.
thats my story and im sticking to it.

ahahaha i had SO much fun tonight at youth. went for the lovefeast. it was nice and since i didnt have time to go home between the time it was over and youth i stayed. talked with jeremiah! i havent talked to him in weeks.we have great chats. hes so sweet. ahaha we talked with brandon. lol that was great. then he had to leave. talked to brad. i love brad. we had dinner, then we wrapped candles. didnt stay for choir. im done with that, i think. then we went downstairs and congregated in the hallway. then leah, jason, michael, carlton, jennifer and i congregate in the office. then we head out. jason asked if i was driving, and i told him i got my liscense 2-3 weeks ago and he goes, "where are you parked? which way are you going out?" i tell him. he goes "oh dear... ok, heres the plan: you give me 10 minutes to get home, the you can leave so we wont be on the road at the same time!" LOL everybody tells me that. then we walk out, i talk with jason, leave, and here i am.

anyway, i feel good now. my back only hurts a little and even though i have a headache, its all good.

worship committee meeting tomorrow! yay!

youth lovefeast in 2 weeks and i have to come up w/a call to worship, i have something but i have to see if its acceptable w/pastor don and rhonda. ill stop by there tomorrow on my way to the meeting or either thursday... or maybe even sunday! who knows!

im worried to death about cheryl. i hope shes going to be ok.
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