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if you wanna know about the retreat ask me. i dont wanna type it out. BUT i will tell you i was awaken to things i didnt want to think about but had to face.

and brad called me tonight. how i love brad. we talked for about 2 minutes. i had hw and im sure he did too. i cant wait til thursday. we always have great fun. i forgot to ask him if we're still meeting at the same time. ill call him tomorrow.

man you dont know what id give to go and be able to sit and talk with pastor don. i think pastor don would be able to help me resolve somethings and it would be of great benefit. maybe i shall check with him thurs night if he's there.

my back still hurts like freaking crap and now so does my neck and shoulder.

maris and i had a really nice talk today. weve established the grounds that we'll always be there for one another.
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