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just for the fun of it.... stolen from callie

Start time: 8:21 pm
[1]First Name: Leigh Anne
[2]Middle Name: i have no middle name
[3]Last Name: haha
[4]Nick Name[s]: lee, double e lee (megan's name to make fun of the way kimmy spells is LOL)
[5]Gender: female
[6]Age: 16
[7]Birthday: 10/03/86
[8]Height: 5'something
[9]Weight: honestly, i dont know LOL
[10]Hair: blonde
[11]Eye Color: blue
[12]Ethnicity: white
[13]Glasses: yep
[14]Contacts: yep
[15]Braces: nope
[16]Hair Short Or Long: short
[17]U Were Born Where: greensboro nc
[18]U Now Live: kville nc
[19]Astrology Sign: Libra
[21]Nationality: American
[22]Bad Habits: bite my fingernails
[23]Piercings: ears
[24]If Yes Where & How Many: one in each ear
[25]Tattoos: nope
[26]If Yes How Many & Where, If No Want Any: dont want one

[27]Mothers Name: jayne
[28]Fathers Name: tom
[29]Brothers Name[s]: n/a
[30]Sisters Name[s]: megan, chloe
[31]Favorite Aunt: hmm i dont know. sharon. and pam.
[33]Favorite Grandparent: ALL OF THEM!
[34]Worst Relative: worst? thats not the right word. no comment
[35]Best Relative: oooh! bobby! hes so much fun!
[36]Best Family Memory: they were all lies... but i liked playing baseball in mawmaw's yard with all my uncles and sisters and kimmy when we were little
[37]Do U Get Along With Your Parents: sometimes
[38]Do Your Parents Understand You: nope
[39]Does Anyone In Your Family Understand You: kinda

[40]Do You Have Any Pets: yep
[41]Name[s]: andy, frank
[42]Type Of Animal[s]: Dog, cat
[43]If You Dont Have A Pet Do You Want One: ---
[44]Have You Ever Had Any Other Pets Then Mentioned Up Above: several kittens and fish

[45]Are You Still In School: Yep
[46]Did You Drop Out: Nope
[47]Current/Supposive Grade: Sophomore in high school
[48]Favorite Grade: 8th grade was a fairly good year for me. last year was quite nice too though
[49]Worst Grade: 7th grade i think.
[50]Favorite Teacher: randall!!, kearns, schuck, foote, lagarde
[51]Worst Teacher: tippet
[52]Favorite Subject: right now- health lol. actually math i think
[54]Do/Did U Buy Lunch Or Bring Lunch: buy
[55]School Sports: none
[56]School Activities: key club!
[57]Popular Or What: nope. i have a few close friends and i like it that way
[58]Favorite Dance:
[59]Favorite Memory: hmm... i really dont know. the hilarious times at mawmaws when i was little with megan and kimmy and susan and them
[60]Worst Memory: i dont wanna talk about it right now.
[61]Worst Dance: ....
[62]Most Humiliating Moment: hmmm i dont know

[63]Number: any number that doesnt include atomic numbers, masses, etc, and is not 6.02x10^23
[64]Clothing Brand: i dont care.
[65]Shoes: i dont know
[66]Saying: hmmm i dont know
[67]TV Show: the wonder years (but it doesnt come on anymore :( ), roseanne
[68]Sport: baseball
[69]Vegetable: i dont know
[70]Fruit: oranges!
[71]Movie: the muse, french kiss, divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood....
[72]Magazine: hmm i dont know
[74]Actress: meg ryan
[75]Candy: skittles or resees
[76]Gum: spearmint
[77]Scent: moonlight path
[78]Candy Bar: mr goodbar
[79]Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate, chocolate chip
[80]Color: blue
[81]Season: fall and winter, or spring. take your choice
[82]Holiday: Christmas i think... wait. PALM SUNDAY is the best day of the WHOLE year because the church service is so beauitiful im almost in tears every year
[83]Band: dc talk, third day, the beatles, loads more--i wont get into it right now to save you the next week of your life
[84]Singer: i wont get into it right now to save you the next week of your life
[85]Group: uhh... look above?
[86]Type Of Music: Christian, country, some rock and a little pop
[87]Fast Song: i dont know
[88]Slow Song: hmmm i dont knpw
[89]Thing In Your Room: my desk
[90]Place To Be: church of course.its almost an addiction :o
[91]Radio Station: 104.1
[92]TV Channel: i dont know
[93]Junk Food: cookies...candy...chips... ahaha anything basically.
[94]Overall Food: hmmmmm
[95]Store: wal-mart, hallmark, THE BOOKSTORE
[96]Shoe Brand: i dont care
[97]Fast Food Place: wendys
[98]Restaurant: hmmmm i dont know
[99]Shape: circle
[100]Time Of Day: afternoon
[101]Country: usa
[102]State: nc
[103]Boys Name: ...dont know
[104]Girls Name: see above
[105]Mall: oak hollow or hanes
[106]Video Game: i have no idea
[107]Shampoo: neutragena (i cant spell it!)
[108]Board Game: Monopoly
[109]Computer Game: freecell!
[110] Favorite car: hmmmm i dont know
[111]Music Video: american child--phil vassar
[112]Swear Word: no comment. i dont like them. one little bit
[113]Word: hmmmmm
[114]Month: October
[115]Cartoon: Spongebob, hey arnold
[116]Song Of All Time: "I'll Be" -Edwin McCain
[117]Scary movie: 6th sense
[118]Team: i dont know
[119]Possesion: journal, Bible, notes along the way,

[.Whats The First Thing That Comes 2 Mind When You Hear...

[120]Eminem: no comment
[122]Hot: summer
[123]Britney Spears: megan and kimmy (they love her *rolls eyes*)
[124]Nsync: boy bands
[125]Real World: mtv
[126]Orange: go bobcats!
[127]Choice: decisions. argh. i cant make them.
[128]Fuck: michaels word.
[129]Bisexual: no comment
[130]Black: maris wheres black shirts quite a bit
[131]ICQ: im's
[132]Insane Clown Posse: ...
[133]Linkin Park: music
[134]Jack: pawpaw :(
[135]Rainbow: God's promise
[136]Cherry: ice cream!
[137]Cucumber: good!
[138]Shark: ocean
[139]Lifehouse: yay
[140]Bat: night
[141]Leather: jacket
[142]Whip: spanking
[143]America: home of the brave
[144]Water: h2o (gee thanks tippet)
[145]volcano: lava

[.This Or That.]:

[146]rock or rap: rock
[147]pop or rap: pop
[148]rap or r&b: r&b
[149]rock or metal: rock
[150]rock or pop: rock
[151]linkin park or limp bizkit: linkin park
[152]tool or korn: tool
[153]selena or Jennifer Lopez: neither
[154]hot or cold: cold
[155]winter or summer: winter
[156]spring or fall: both
[157]shakira or britney: shakira
[158]ICP or Eminem: neither
[159]Marilyn Manson Or Rob Zombie:neither
[160]Kittie or Garbage: neither
[161]mtv or vh1: vh1
[162]Buffy or Angel: neither
[163]Dawsons Creek Or Gilmore Girls: girlmore girls
[164]Football or Basketball: basketball
[165]summer olympics or winter olympics: winter
[166]skiing or snowboarding: snowboarding
[167]rollerblading or skateboarding: rollerblading
[168]black or white: black
[169]orange or red: orange
[170]yellow or green: green
[171]purple or pink: purple
[172]slipknot or mudvayne: neither
[173]hot topic or pac sun: either
[174]inside or outside: inside
[175]weed or alcohol: im not even going to answer this or ill go on a rant.
[176]cell phone or pager: cell phone
[177]pen or pencil: pen
[178]powerpuff girls or charlies angels: neither
[179]scooby doo or dino: neither
[180]dragon ball Z or pokemon: neither
[181]star wars or star trek: neither
[182]tattoo or piercing: piercings
[183]prep or punk: punk
[184]slut or whore: neither

[.Private Life I.E. Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll...]

[185]Boyfriend Or Girlfriend: nope
186]Crush: kinda
[187]Do You Love Anyone Right Now: maybe ;) ok... sure
[188]Have You Ever Been In Love: maybe
[189]How Many People Have You Kissed: none
[190]Who Was Your First Kiss: n/a
[191]Ever Have Oral Sex: nope
[192]Still A Virgin: of course!
[193]If Not How Many Times: n/a
[194]How Many Hearts Have You Broken: none that i know of
[195]How Many People Broke Your Heart: lots
[196]Best Quote To Sum Up Love: i have no idea
[197]So What's Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Crush Like: n/a
[198]What's Your Dream Guy/Girl Like: Christian, kind, considerate, etc
[199]Do U Go More By Looks Or Personality: personality
[201]Ever Kiss A Friend: nope
[202]Are You Still Friends: n/a
[203]So Moving Along... You Smoke: nope
[204]How About Some Weed: nope
[205] Have you ever tripped on acid: nope
[206]How About A Little xTc: nope
[207]Crack, Heroin, Anything Else: nope
[208]Beer Good Or Beer Bad: BAD!!
[210]Are U The Little Sissy Who Drinks Mikes And Whine Coolers: not even going to answer this
[211]Do U Like Smirnoff Ice: ...
[212]Prefer Beer Or Liquor: ...
213]So If You Smoke How Long U Been Killin Yourself Now: ...
[214]What Kind Do You Smoke: ...
[215]Could I Bum One: ...
[216]Back To Alcohol, Favoite Alcoholic Beverage: ....
[217]So If You Werent A Virgin... Whens The Last Time U Got Some: n/a

[Would You Ever]

[218]Bungee Jump: maybe
[219]Sky Dive: maybe
[220]Swim With Dolphins: maybe
[221]Scuba Dive: maybe
[222]Go Rock Climbing: maybe
[224]Eat Shit For 1,000,000 $: no
[225]Change Your Religion: no
[226]Turn Your Back On Your Friends For Personal Gain: no
[227]Steal A Friends Boyfriend/Girlfriend: nope
[228]Cross-Dress: for sum money: i doubt it
[229]Lie To The Police: nope
[230]Run From The Police: nope... whyd they be chasing me anyway?
[231]Speed Away From The Police: ^^
[232]Lie To Your Parents: i try not to... only when its absolutely necessary (like when i go to counselling with pastor don)
[233]Walk Up To A Total Stranger And Kiss Them: nope
[234]Be A Exotic Dancer: no
[235]Walk Out Of A Restraunt Without Paying: nope
[236]streak[run naked through somewhere for all u who dont know]:no.

[Your Friends]

[257]Best Friend: leah, jessi, misty,
[258]Known Longest: i have no idea
[259]Wish You Talked To More Then You Do: leah
[261]How Many Friends Do U Think You Have: hmmm
[262]How Many Do U Actualy Hang Out With: 1 or 2... not really even them. only when we get a chance at the church or something
[263]Who Drives You Insane After Awhile: i dont know
[265]Ever Lose A Good Friend Because You Took It To The Next Level: nope
[266]Craziest: elena (but thats why i like her!) and maris
[267]Loudest: amber lol
[268]Shyest: jessi
[269]Best Hair: i dont know
[270]Can Always Make You Laugh: maris, amber, jessi, misty, everybody in the youth group,
[271]Best Eyes: i dont know
[272]Best Body: i don't know
[273]Most Athletic: ...
[274]Sex Symbol: LOL kristina
[275]Hot Tempered: hmm not really any of them.
[276]Most Impatient: ...
[277]Shortest: kristina
[278]Tallest: i dont know
[279]Talented: all of them in their own ways!
[280]Best Singing Voice: maris
[281]Skinniest: kristina
[282]Nicest: All of them-- leah the most though. and jessi
[283]Best Personality: all of them
[284]Biggest Drug User: ...
[285]Alcoholic: ...

[Have You Ever]

[286]flashed someone: nope
[287]told the person you liked how u felt: nope
[288]been to michigan: nope
[289]gotten really REALLY wasted: nope
[290]gone to jail/juvi: nope
[291]skateboarded: nope
[292]skinny dipped: nope
[293]stolen anything from a store: nope
[294]wanted to kick my butt for making this so freaking long SO LONG: yes...
[295]pegged someone in the head with a snowball and they never knew it was you: nope. they always found out
[298]gotten into a bar under aged: nope
[299]kissed someone of the same sex: nope
[300]flipped someone off: nope
[301]gone on a road trip: kinda
[302]gone on vacation without adult supervision: if you count youth retreats-- out leaders dont act like adults LOL
[303]been to a concert: yes
[304]been to another country: nope
[305]talked back to an adult: yep
[306]got pulled over: nope
[307]into a car accident: nope
[308]broke a law: i dont think so... maybe speeding O:)
[309]given money to some homeless person: nope :(
[310]tried to kill yourself: ive wanted to
[311]cried to get out of trouble: yeah
[312]kissed a friends brother/sister: nope
[313]dropped something on the floor that u were cooking for dinner and still put it on the plate: lol nope

[314]What Do You Think About Boy Bands: ...
[315]What Do You Think About Flag Burning: cruel
[316]What Do You Think Of The War On Terrorists: i dont even know anymore.
[317]What Do You Think About Suicide: it's terrible :( but ill admit ive considered it
[318]What Do You Think About People Who Try To Force Their Opinions Upon You: its not nice
[319]What Do You Think About Abortion: Murder
[320]What Do You Think About Rock/Metal Music: its ok
[321]Where Do You Think You'll Be In 10 Years: hopefully outta college w/a job
[322]Who Do You Think You'll Still Be Friends With In 5 Years: i hope leah and jessi and all of them!
[323]What Do You Think About The Pop Music Scene? ....
[324} What Do You Think About The Store “Abercrombie And Fitch”: ...
[325]What Do You Think About Porn: its sick
[326]What Do Think About The Death Penalty: i don't know

[What Did You Do]
[327]Last Birthday: went to church and then out for ice cream with brad and rhonda :) it was the absolute best
[328]where’s the question? ?
[329]Last Weekend: my uncle came over for 2 hours and i went to church :)
[330]Christmas: went to church and then my grandparents
[331]Thanksgiving: went to my grandparents
[332]New Years Eve: went to church
[333]Halloween: took my sister trick or treating
[334]Easter: church and then went to my grandparents house
[335]Valentines Day: ...last year i was at church for Bible study

[Quotes] took this part out because i dont know that many quote off the top of my head

[The Last Thing]
[344]You Ate: pancakes and link sausage and eggs
[345]You Drank: diet pepsi
[346]You Took A Shower: about an hour and a half ago
[347]You Wore Out: jeans and fleece sweatshirt
[348]The Last Place You Went: school :/
[349]Last Thing You Bought: i have no idea
[350]Last Thing You Got Pierced/Tattooed: my ears
[351]Last Person You Saw: my sister
[352]Last Person You Kissed: ...
[353]Last Person You Fucked: ...
[354]Last Person You Talked To: i dont even know.
[355]Last Party You Went To: jessis surprise party. it was great fun
[356] ~ where's the question? ....
[357]Last Song You Heard: the ballad of john and yoko- the beatles

[358]So What Are You Eating: nothing
[359]Anything To Drink With That: nope
[360]Whatchya Wearin: pjs
[361]Any Shoes: nope
[362]Hair: down
[363]Listening To Anything: the beatles
[364]Talking To Anyone: nope
[365]Are You Pissed I Made This So Long: not really, i was bored

[Yes Or No]
[366]Are You A Vegitarian: nope
[367]Do You Like Cows: sure
[368]Am I A Bitch For Making This Damn Survey: no
[369]Are You Artisitc: not really
[370]Are You A Fast Runner: nope
[371]Can You Ski: no
[372]Are You British: nope but ahahaha i love british accents
[373]Do You Want To Spear Britney: ummm im not violent
[374]Do The Voices Talk To You And You Only: thats for me to know and you to wonder about
[375]Did You Ever Give Barbie A Free Haircut & Hairdye Special: of course... dont all little girls do that?
[376]Do You Think Disney Creators Were On Acid When They Made Alice In Wonderland: no i like that movie!
[377]Will The Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up: ...
[378]Are You Straight: yeah
[379]Are You 1/2 Stupid, 1/4 insane and another 1/4 physicaly handicapped: i guess so
[380]Are You Fat: i think so
[381]Are You Skinny and just say your fat: nope
[382]Are You Short: kinda
[383]Do You Own A Hot Pink Shirt: nope
[384]How About Orange Pants: haha i wish
[385]Can You See The Flying Monkeys: unfortunatley no
[386]Are You Evil: i dont think so
[387]Did You Ever Knew Someone Who Had A Mullet: i dont know
[388]Know Anyone Who Still Has One: i dont know
[389]Is Britney A whore: probably
[390]Are You A Teenage Zombie: maybe
[3911]Am I Annoying You Realy Bad With All This Nonsense: kinda
[392]Do You Like Marilyn Manson: nope
[393]If You Dont Like Manson You Know You Suck Right: sure whatever
[394]Are You Secretly From Another Planet: yep
[395]Did You Ever Touch Someone Elses No-No Spot: nope
[396]Do You Shop At Hot Topic: ive never been there :(
[397]Could You Kick My Ass: maybe

Random Questions]
If You Could Be Any Animal, What Animal Would You Be: i have no idea
Why Would You Be THAT Animal: ...

If You Had To Eat One Thing For The Rest Of Your Life What Would it Be: i dont know

Do You Remeber Any Of Your Dreams: yep

Do You Dream In Color Or Black And White: color

Do You Admit When You Need Help With A Problem: sometimes

Can People Read You Like A Book: they think they can

What's Your Biggest Fear: rejection

Do You Talk A lot: not really

[Are You Afraid Of Clowns: not really

Do You Like Spiders: no

How About Grape Kool-Aid Do You Like: yep

Can You Drive: yeah :)

Are You A Spoiled Rotton Only Child: nope

Are You Anti-Social: kinda

How About Dumb People: what about them?

Now What Are You Going To Go Do: go to bed

[End time] 9:23
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