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guide me in truth, for all my days

today went by fairly quickly. i know the afternoon did at least. we had a test in alg2 at 1245 and the next thing i knew it was 10 minutes til the final bell! but school was ok today. no one showed up in the cafeteria this morning for our usual deal, besides me and elena so me and elena talked and laughed for a minute.

we got a digital piano this afternoon! im so excited! woohoo!

im half expecting some one from the board of elders to call me to give me some information about it. im so excited!

and camp in 2 weeks. ahaha thats even better. haha the next 2 weeks will rule all.

my back still hurts :( really bad. actually everything hurts. my shoulders and my knnees and feet too. argh.

I HATE CHEMISTRY! i made a freaking 60 on the honors paper i wrote 3 weeks ago. and he says i have to redo it and i wasnt supposed to do the whole project, just the freaking paper. i cant stand him. and i had to write ANOTEHR lab report tonight.

im so tired. i have piano tomorrow.

and i cant stand the public anymore.
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